Artificial Turf


Artificial turf is an extremely durable and versatile product. There are basically two types of artificial turf.

Landscape grade

This material is a standalone product, meaning, put it down and you’re done. Sand infill is generally recommended after install but it doesn’t always happen. Landscape material comes in many different varieties. Different color shaded, with or without brown thatch, thickness and height of the pile to name a few. I have my opinion on all this and would be happy to talk about it.

Commercial grade

This is the material we prefer to install. This is the same material used on professional. college and high school football fields all across America. It looks and feels better and is more durable. There are not as many choices in the commercial turf primarily due to how we purchase. Our purchasing allows us to install a commercial product at or often below the cost of a landscape product. Also we use commercial install practices which makes your project bullet proof to people, the elements and animals.

Artificial turf

  1. Durable and versatile
  2. Looks and feels great
  3. Pet friendly. Pickup and hose down poop as you would grass. Urine dissipates and nature takes care of it. Will not stain.
  4. No maintenance
  5. Rake, blow, broom, pressure wash or do nothing with leaves and pine needles.
  6. Non toxic
  7. Does not care about the weather
  8. Always ready to use
  9. Will not fade.
  10. 8 year factory warranty on any defects.